Surgery Preparation and Process

Go to the Get a Quote tab and fill out the requested contact information, nature of your orthopaedic injury, and additional comments if necessary. A Pathway Surgery Surgeon-Patient Liaison will be in contact with you within 1 business day with follow-up steps.

Opting for out-of-province care with Pathway Surgery offers the advantage of reduced waiting periods. We will arrange your surgery promptly, typically a few weeks following the initial consultation and/or approval of the quote.

After you have chosen to proceed with the surgery, we’ll supply you with details on the necessary preparations before the operation, including diagnostic and/or other laboratory tests. Your orthopaedic surgeon will provide an overview of the post-surgery process in a follow-up assessment, including any required rehabilitation guidelines.

Yes. Our Surgeon-Patient Liaison will inform you of what tests must be completed in a timely manner prior to your confirmed surgery date.

Surgeon and Clinic Information

Our team at Pathway Surgery is here to guide you each step of the way. Please feel free to contact us via email (admin@pathway.surgery) with any questions you may have regarding our procedures, facilities, and/or getting a quote. Please view the About Us tab for our mission and values.

All consultations with our team of orthopaedic surgeons who are renowned specialists in their respective fields are free.

Based on your injury area highlighted in the completed request form, we will assign you to one of our board-certified and highly experienced orthopaedic surgeons for a consultation. Our Surgeon-Patient Liaison team will consider the nature of the possible surgical procedure and timeline before connecting you with a surgeon. Their credentials are available for your review in the Our Team tab.

Financial Considerations

To obtain a tailored estimate regarding the time and cost involved in your surgery, we recommend reaching out to our Surgeon-Patient Liaisons and discussing the details with the surgeon at your consultation. The duration and expense of each surgical procedure differ based on the nature of the surgery and the individual requirements of the patient.

Out-of-province surgical reimbursement will be applied for after your procedure is complete. There are routes to partial reimbursement for physician services. We will provide the necessary documentation for you to submit a claim and our Patient Reimbursement package will elucidate this process in more detail.

Travel and Accomodation

Certainly! Regardless of whether or not you are out-of-province, our Surgeon-Patient Liaisons are here to assist you by suggesting hotels that make travel to and from the surgical clinic convenient. We will organize travel to-and-from your destinations. We will provide a detailed, easy-to-follow itinerary specific to your case.

Benefits of Out-of-Province Orthopedic Care

Out-of-province care often offers shorter wait times, more personalized service, and access to a wider range of treatments and technologies. It also allows for more flexible scheduling and follow-up care tailored to your needs.