Total Ankle Replacement

What is an ankle replacement?

Total ankle replacements (ankle arthroplasties) are a revolutionary procedure that, as the name suggests, involve replacing the ankle joint with prosthetics. The surgeon makes a small incision in front of the talocrulal joint (ankle joint) and removes damaged cartilage and bone. More specifically, they remove cartilage and bone from the tibia (shin bone) and talus (ankle bone) which make up the ankle joint. Afterwards, the surgeon will replace the ankle joint components with plastic and metal components to recreate the ankle joint to restore and replicate normal joint mobility as well as relieve pain.

Who needs an ankle replacement?

Ankle replacements are for patients who have a persistent pain in their ankles. This pain may intensify in walking, going up and down stairs, and when exercising. Ankles may require replacing after years of wear and tear from aging, playing sports, improperly loading the joint, and ankle fractures. Surgery candidates are patients who did not respond favourably to conservative treatments like cortisone injections, physical therapy, and wearing orthotics (braces).

More about ankle replacements...

Ankle replacements offer shorter recovery times and significantly improved range of motion relative to the older ankle fusion procedure. A surgeon may also opt for ankle arthroscopy debridement in less severe cases. An overwhelming number of patients are satisfied with this procedure, even 10 years after it took place!

Life after ankle replacements...

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